Therapeutic Chakra Jadestone massage

In the ancient cultures, humans were closer to nature and it was natural to work with natural raw materials and minerals like jade.
The general and healing effect of jade is full protection and purification.

Operation of this massage

  • detoxify, acidify, stimulate and support of the renal and bladder function.
  • helps with muscle stiffness, muscle aches and / or cramps and softens rheumatic pains
  • works anti-inflammatory and restores the skin
  • works positively on the nervous system
  • works positively on mental and physical fatigue and restores vitality and the lust of life
  • relieves restlessness, irritability, nervousness, depression and headache
  • helps with painful periods
  • balances the chakra’s


Duration: This massage takes an average of one and a half hours.

This massage is not applied in case of sickness, pregnancy, upright veins and scars.

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