In a human life-time you make a lot of choices.
It suffices to remember where you’re from, knowing where you want to go but to live now.
In the end you feel what it’s all about.

The world revolves on its axis.
Everything is about love.
It starts with loving yourself.
Let go of the past, look to the future but live now.


Welcome at Kat’ri

A source of peace, hope, energy,pleasure and trust:
Everything that makes life worthwhile.

About Kat’ri

Kat’ri exists out of the first letters of my first and last name, Karla Trimpeneers.
Kat’ri means: pure and purified.

For years now my main concern is looking after people: as a scoutleader,
as an educator with disabled people, working with little children, as a mum, as a friend.
This experience showed me that giving attention to yourself however is not so easy. There is always something else.
That is why i want to help again. This time with wonderful and relaxing massages and with moving exercises.
You are important!
As a man/woman, as a mum/dad, as a friend, but especially …


At Kat’ri you can find massages and healings and moving exercises (Sherborne) for young and old.
If you have questions and you cannot find an answer on this site, contact me.

See you soon!